Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Shell Game

Do you remember the guy back in school who lied so much that nobody believed anything he said? Well I think the individuals in the white house fit the bill perfectly. WMDs nope. Welcomed with open arms? no. Last throes? no again. Democracy for Iraq? not likely. And again we face another war this time with Iran. Now attention is focused on the shell marked diplomacy. This while more of our U.S. fleet is heading for the Pursian Gulf supposedly for support for operations in Afganistan. Meetings with North Korea? Just another shell. Every time another failed plan or scandal arises the shell gets moved as does the focus. As nothing has worked for this white house they will keep the shells moving until their terms are up someone palms the pea and we are left with three empty shells an empty wallet and thousands dead for playing the game. The whole experience of what is happening today reminds me of a cross between "Catch 22", "1984" and a Greek tragedy. Especially "Catch 22". Remember the character Milo Minderbinder ? His character seems to sum up perfectly what has happened in the U.S. today. The sense of right and wrong have been abandoned for corporate profits at all costs. The sad thing here is that in the process of greed and lying any remaining respect however minute for the Republican party has been lost forever. It will take decades to gain back any sembalance of respect. Remember the Democrats in the late 60's. At least Johnson realized he had a quagmire on his hands and felt guilt. That's not to say he didn't do some nasty things behind our backs, but he did change the social climate with a war on poverty, civil rights and the like.
It's time to tell all in the Congress and the Senate that we the American people would like to stop playing the shell game before it's too late.

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