Monday, March 19, 2007

What next?

I wanted to post an updated list of the debotchery of the Bush administration from a list on Major Conflict blogspot, but it looks like the Major has started over with only two posts and no archives. So I don't think I'll bother to find the list right now as it's back to the grind of another long week. Only wish I could be at the war protests being held here this afternoon, but my work schedule is a bit odd (beginning to feel like Dracula) if you know what I mean. So Keep the pressure on, your powder dry and maybe truth, justice, and the real American way will prevail.

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BlueFlame said...

Yeah... Well I live in Canada so... but in social studies, I was reading an article about the US government and oil. There was definitely some interesting stuff in there, including a little tidbit about how former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld is head of an oil company (I can't recall the name) and how said oil company was payed 7 billion dollars by the US government to put out oil fires in Iraq. Convenient.

Also, there were reports which implied that they needed some sort of a catastrophe (like a "new pearl harbor") so that they could have an excuse to try and take control over more oil in the middle east. I doubt 9/11 was planned, but it ended up being that excuse.

Oh, and I also find it kind of ironic how they're so concerned about taking out countries who have weapons of mass destruction. Guess which country has the most of those.

Funny how this comment ended up being longer than the original post...guess I got on a bit of a rant there :P