Monday, March 12, 2007

Random insanity

Looks like Haliburton is moving to Dubai. Their head honcho says it's not for tax purposes (yea right) Imagine trying to get oversite in a foreign country. And to add to my disbelief their stock will be listed on a foreign exchange. Maybe they can hire a few stockbrokers from Nigeria to pump up their stocks.
Meanwhile Shrub sends more of our hard earned dollars over to Iraq and Afganistan while cutting funds for unnecessary things here at home like education, transportation and agriculture. insane
Now if that doesn't piss you off consider that he is sending disabled troops back to Iraq (go to Blah3 (link on right side of page) for that story).
And if that's not bad enough
Shrub is sending a hospital ship to South America to give free health care to 85,000. All this right after the Walter Reed story. I'll let you find that story yourself cause I think my head is about to explode.


shayera said...

That Halliburton story literally sends me into a rage. Our tax dollars keep that company in existence and now they're attempting to get away from Federal scrutiny.
I see Waxman's got hearings planned.

Demeur said...

It seems obvious to me that this was part of the Cheney/Bush plan. Invade Iraq. Get no bid contracts. Destabilize the mid east there by keeping the price of oil high. Move headquarters to Dubai right in the middle of our military central command (well protected). This is just evil.