Friday, March 9, 2007

The Friday news dump

Looks like Gonzales has egg on his face and there's no hiding it no matter what Rove says. The republicans are eating their own. Six of the ten judges fired were REPUBLICANS.
The Brizilian protests articles and photos are slowly being removed or erased from web news sources. Big thanks to all you bloggers who are keeping this alive.
Hipocrite Newt Gingrinch admits to having an affair while going after Bill Clinton for the same thing.
The Unpatriot Act debockle or Warrants? warrants? we don't need no stinking warrants! Not to mention phone taps, email taps and the opening of U.S. mail. Here's my solution: Make your file so large that nobody would want to tackle it. Make it large enough that if it were hard copy it would fill a moving van.
Walter Reed story continues albet much more is still being covered up as in (Talk to the news media soldier and you'll be digging latrines out back). Note to Main Stream Media: Thanks for at least bringing this one out.

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elephty said...

Bill Maher said that one way he makes the government read the Constitution is that he e-mails it to himself once a day.