Saturday, March 17, 2007

War Protest 5th Year

AP photo via Yahoo

I must admit this one slipped past my radar. Guess work was a bit much for me this week. War
With Plamegate, Attorney firings, Walter Reed, and all the other insanity going on it's hard to keep up. Our news media is not doing a very good job of keeping us informed. As Stranger over at Blah3 has pointed out Fox and CNN are doing a diservice in trying to cater to a dying demographic with fear mongering and youth bashing in order to pander to the 60+ crowd. To this I say:
If Faux and CNN think they are positioning themselves for the upcoming "boom" generation they'd better think again. Remember we were the ones who changed the sixties. As I come nearer to that magic median age I find myself becoming more liberal and highly skeptical of this fear mongering. Aside from the web I watch BBC news. Not that they are much better but they do give broader coverage with items from other countries not seen on U.S. news. I like hearing from bloggers around the world to get a fresh perspective and some overlooked insight. Remember when the media was a check on government? That responsibility now falls on bloggers. I truely believe that bloggers made a difference in the last election by pointing out the hypocracy of the Republican party. Even my dyed in the wool Republican relatives compared the current administration to the Sopranos. The New media will be defined by such blogs as Firedoglake and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and their ability to present accurate accounts of the events of the day. They need to be honest above reproach and accountable only to their readers. Like many companies that have come to the realization that if the focus is on the product and not the bottom line then the rewards will follow. It will truely be interesting to see how this new media evolves as technology advances and more able people enter the blogosphere.

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Snave said...

Thanks for visiting at my place, Demeur! You're welcome there any time, and thanks for the kind words about my comments. Sometimes I get kind of obsessive and worked up, but oh well! I also like to be correct. It's better than being so full of certainty that everything becomes seen in terms of absolutes, eh!

BTW, I will link your blog at my site!