Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Scandal


I'd like to thank the Huffington Post for bringing this scandal back to light in recent days. Seems Cheney was being investigated by the French government for bribes ( over $100 million) made to Nigeria while he was the head of Halibruton. I had a few years back come upon the story when it first appeared in Google News. A year later when writing another of my snarky comments I did a Google News search only to discover it had dissapeared. Gone down the abyss of covered up or deleted storys that would have been a big embarassment prior to an election. My question in all of this is simply: What crime will it take to even start an investigation into the dealings of this administration? We have seen the likes of Cunningham and Delay and what happened with their misdealings. And the whole story on Abramoff is still not finished. This should be a heavy weight on the Republicans who still hold any principles of honesty and duty to their offices. To say "we didn't see it or didn't know anything about it " is not going to hold water. If you work for any company or organization then you know the tone they set in dealing with issues of ethics. The examples set by this administration have degraded the principles of truth duty and honor. It has set the stage for further corporate corruption and sets an example to our children that you can cheat lie and steal if you are in a high enough position with enough money and expensive lawyers.
Then there is the other side of the story. What happens to the victims of the corruption. Well take a Look and decide for yourself if permitting the present administration to suck the life blood from this country is not grounds for impeachment and criminal charges.

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