Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blue footed boobie

Because I needed more traffic here.
Thanks to Py


pygalgia said...

Hope it works well for you. I'm only kidding about getting more hits. On my river trip, I just missed getting a picture of a beaver, which might have actually worked.

Snave said...

My wife and I love birds, and actually took a trip to SE Arizona last June solely for the purpose of birdwatching. Great stuff! The next step is saving for a really good spotting scope that can be hooked up to a camera for some fun semi-professional picture-taking!

Demeur said...

Oops sorry Snave you seemed to have missed the joke here. Py posted the photo on his site to increase traffic cause he knows kids put boobs in their web search to see what comes up. And judging from my site meter it worked to some extent. Only wish he'd get a picture of that beaver he saw the other day. :)