Thursday, March 8, 2007

Back for a bit

Looks like I'm back for a bit due to some tech problems. And as a lot of the jobs we do involve fixing other peoples' screw ups this one is a biggy. But on to some news items not covered in other blogs.
A few days ago I was reading ( I believe it was in B3) about the legacey of presidents and how at the end of their second terms they go on road trips as they have lost their clout here at home. It seems from recent trips that the only place left for king George to grace his face was South America. Unfortunately it seems George was met with more protests than his European tour and looks like these have been more violent than those in the past.
On the economic front the DOW has started to come back as momentary greed pushes the numbers. Take care with your long term investments. There is an inverse yeild curve (translation: people are afraid to invest long term which usually means a recession coming), the savings rate for the nation is in the negative %, the national debt is at an historic all time high, and lastly the baby boomers are close to retirement. If that was not a receipe for disaster I don't know what is.

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