Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tin horn politics

I was doing some research for an upcoming article I'm writing. I went through several articles about past wars and noticed many many similarities in the course of the way these were presented. It dawned on me that you could actually make a boiler plate for the process of past and future wars. It would go something like:

1. Find a nation with some natural resources (oil, gold, minerals, cheap labor)
2. Create a negative campaign against its' leader ( A dictator, a communist supporter, a supporter of a nation you don't like)
3. Support desenters in that country and create mistrust for its' leaders.
4. Send aid to any groups that might overthrow the government.
5. Give military training to any groups that might overthrow the government.
6. Throw a false flag operation and be sure it makes world press. (Note: a false flag operation is to create a disaster like a downed aircraft, a ship sunk, a massacre and blame it on their government or leader.)
7. Degrade the leader saying he's a psychopath, a rapist, a child preditor or canibal.
8. Let it be known that the leader is an immediate threat to your country.
9. Support an uprising and refer to the rebels as "freedom fighters".
10. When the leader is overthrown install your own puppet leader. When the people find out the puppet is a tryrant install a new puppet and use him until people catch on to him.
11. When you have succeeded in raping the country both here and abroad pull your troops out, leave in shame and then blame it on the opposition party.