Friday, May 4, 2007

What's for dinner?

Now that Shrub and Co. have pretty much completed gutting the FDA and the CDC I'm wondering what's safe to eat any more. Let me lay out a nice menu and see what can kill you before you get to desert.

Spinach salad ala ecoli

Ground beef patty e' mad cow

Freshly chopped onions salmonela

Chicken or pork malamie

Now none of this would really bother me had I not read the following from the FDA: EEEWWW

Note: "If any evidence surfaces to indicate there is harm to humans, the appropriate action will be taken".
Nothing like being proactive we'll just wait till someone dies then send out a warning.

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pygalgia said...

Our only hope is that at some point our corporate overlords will realize that killing off customers is bad for business.