Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Don't you just love accurate reporting? Here's a cut and paste from Google news about the economy. I just love how one news outlet says the the economy is great and others say it's in the tank. This is not a case of the glass is half full or half empty. The underlying factor is that the idiot in the white house has spent it all, let companys get away with murder (Kenneth Lay) and basically destroyed this nation.

Turkish Press
US Economy: Inflation Slows, Production Unchanged (Update3)
Bloomberg - 7 hours ago
By Courtney Schlisserman Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Consumer prices in the US rose at a slower pace in December and industrial production failed to grow, giving the Federal Reserve the room and reason to cut interest rates at its next meeting on Jan. 30.
But Jump Is Unlikely to Deter Fed Wall Street Journal
Inflation Continues to Edge Up New York Times
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pygalgia said...

The talkers need to have a "positive" to feed the market. Real people just go to the grocery store.
On a side note, I'm in Flagstaff, AZ, not the desert. 7,000 ft up a mountain. I'm 6 miles from a ski resort, and it's open. Not all of Arizona is yard is still covered with snow.

pygalgia said...

additional: -5 tonight.

Demeur said...

Sorry the only time I was in Az was the middle of august and it was 113 degrees. Maybe you could make some money collecting snow and selling it later. I hear the water table down south is running out. Just a thought :)

pygalgia said...

We're actually close to normal precipitation so far this year. After many years of drought, it's welcome.