Friday, February 29, 2008

Hillary challenging Texas caucuses

Texas Trouble

This seems to shed a bit of light on the political process as a whole. This year how many states changed their primary voting dates to try and be first in line and have a greater impact? This also doesn't mention the fact that several states have changed their entire primary process. As for Washington state, I see no reason to even bother with a ballot primary for the Democrates when they don't even count. It's just a beauty contest and I don't think that's fair. It effectively locks out anyone not able to attend a caucus from voting even though it would not have mattered here in Washington since Obama won both the caucus and the ballot primary.
As for Texas this challenge comes at a very bad time. The Democratic party in Texas has been regrouping after the dirty tricks of the Republicans who redistricted several areas of the state in their favor effectively shutting out the Dems even though these areas were mainly democratic so I'm told.
As I see it if Hillary's intention is to merely get a clearification of the rules for all involved then that's fine. But, I think her intention here is more one of despiration than understanding. Having lost the last 11 primarys and 13 caucuses she is running out of options. Her attacks on Obama have come down to the point of being petty. Being on SNL and wearing a local native costume when he traveled to Africa have nothing to do with the ability to run a nation and she knows it.
As a side note and a bit interesting, the republicans I've talked to realize that McCain won't win but would rather have Obama in office than Clinton. Oddly they still can't get over the fact that Bill got a BJ while in office.

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