Thursday, February 21, 2008

More on the economy

Talk about being in a no win situation. Uncle Ben must think you can fly this economy like a jet fighter. Unfortunately it's more like a 747. People keep talking like there's an upcoming recession. Got news for them we're in a recession. And it's the worst of both worlds. Gas and food are going up and people are being laid off and cutting back on their spending which in turn will continue the cycle. As I mentioned before if Ben cuts rates too low then foreign investors pull more money out of this economy hence no money to pay our national debt and the Ponzi scheme can no longer continue.
The worst of both worlds

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libhom said...

We have two big economic problems hitting us at once.

1) We are in a period of stagflation.

2) More and more of our nation's wealth is being distributed to the very wealthy while the middle class and poor are losing out.