Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I did my refresher course for Haz Mat. The good news was that I got 100 on the test. No biggy I've been doing this so long I could give you the answers off the top of my head. The bad news was that our monkey in chief refused to reauthorize CERCLA which is the act that pays for most of the clean ups at large toxic waste sites. That in it's self would be bad enough but as part of the haz mat class we saw a video about a mine clean up over in Colorado. So, while I was perusing the web on articles about Shrub not resigning the Superfund reauthorization I came upon this article about what I had just seen in the video.
Bushwacked again
So it looks like the mine will not be cleaned up until we get a new president in the white house and it can't be a republican.

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