Friday, February 22, 2008

Why John McCain can't be president

Some things to consider about John McCain if you are even remotely considering voting for him. If you think Bush's background was bad...

Graduated from the Naval Academy 5th from the last. Was not fond of authority and was one of the few to make the "Century Club" by receiving 100 demerits for his conduct.

Crashed three aircraft before doing his tour in Vietnam.

Was a prisoner of war for over 5 years and tortured for much of that time. So brutely tortured that he is unable to raise his arms over his head.

His first wife was an exotic dancer in Florida.
He fooled around with his second wife while married to his first.
His first wife Carol Shepp has been erased from the internet. Try Googling her
His second wife was into drugs and stole vicodin from her own organization

Was involved with Charles Keating taking junkets and large contributions.
Sent a card of regret to Joe Bonano NY crime boss for not attending his birthday party

Claims he is a Baptist although he has not been baptised in that church something the church insists upon

Maybe we should require a psych evaluation before these people can run for office. An individual with this troubled past should not be in a position of power. An individual having been tortured for five years. Think about that for a moment. We don't need anyone in the office of president who has PTSD and you know as well as I do that the effects can show up years later. Couple that with his erratic voting record and the fibs he's now perpetuating and you get the picture.

Additional info on McCain can be found at The Skeleton Closet
(I've only been able to verify about 95% of this information)

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