Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The background scoop

When some issue comes up in the news I always like to do a little background research to look at different perspectives and angles. So what is the motivational factors of the Taliban? They have said they are anti western and anti English. They seem to be adhering to a 12th century ideology in the 21st century but are they really? After reading a couple of Pakistani blogs I'm thinking that there are other motives going on here. A bit of info from one Pakistani blog called Let us build Pakistan:

Muslim Khan, the spokesman of Pakistani Taliban, has won unprecedented notoriety for justifying beheading, flogging, and digging up and hanging the dead. He has a personal stake in propagating the kind of education Muslims of the world must have. Or must not have. He has justified the bombing of schools on many pretexts, but one stands out: Muslims must not get “English” education. By which Muslim Khan means that any school which has anything to do with the English language must be demolished. The Taliban have so far demolished hundreds of schools in the name of cleansing education of the Western-infidel influence. Pakistan’s Islamo-fascist Urdu media has always given him a lot of coverage making him a national folk hero who has stood up to the United States and her Pakistani lackeys.

At long last, someone found out that Muslim Khan’s own son is a graduate student at the University of Peshawar and the medium of his education is English. When the question about his son was tossed to him, the great Muslim Khan was philosophical: “My son is disobedient!” The filed closed. No more questions please.

The author goes on to tell of Pakistanis who have moved to other countries only to drop much of their strict ways yet speak out against fellow Pakistanis living in that country for not following strict Islamic laws in a true hypocritical manner. It's as if Pakistan wants to be more secular but the religious right in that country lays down their extremist moral code. We saw what happens when the extremist religious right in this country have their way. You get a cult like following like we saw in Texas with women walking around like something out of Little house on the Prairie. Or worse you get a group who are ignorant of the facts of scripture and choose to interperet the bible they way they see fit to bolster their cause. Sorry guys God didn't tell you to go to a foreign country and bomb the hell out of them. If you used that defense in a courtroom you'd be pulling a long stretch in a federal pen. And who would Jesus torture? The worst thing he did was kick over some tables outside a temple while protesting hypocrisy.

If the moderates on both sides of the Atlantic don't take a firm hold of the reigns then the bloodshed will continue for quite some time. So you see when the extremists took charge and I refer to both sides of the ocean it became the perfect groundwork for a perfect war and I use the word war in a general sense.

It appears to me that the extremists on both sides of the Atlantic are using their religious positions not to further some cause but to line their pockets and grab power and fame. Whether Muslim, Christian, or Jew it doesn't matter the end result and focus is the same. For them do as I say not as I do comes into play now more than ever. If you have doubts or confusion about any given news item always look for a route cause. It's there but you just might have to dig for it.


Tom Harper said...

Fanatics of both the Muslim and Christian religions both have that self-righteous certainty that they're "right." This attitude obliterates any and all sense of compassion or justice or fairness.

Christians in this country haven't gone to the same extremes (yet) of their Muslim counterparts, but I think that's mostly because we have a secular democracy that keeps them in check.

BBC said...


BBC said...

BTW, Utah is just a premia donna that doesn't want to die.

So how much do you think think she costs the taxpayers every mouth after ruining her health?

Hey, I'm just wondering.

an average patriot said...

The Pakistani's I blog with on another forum give me faith that their military can handle the Taliban. Myself I don't know. That murderers club just hates Democracy they say and want only Sharia law.