Friday, May 8, 2009

Libby Montana update

The case against the executives of R.W. Grace has concluded. The execs got off scott free.

Charges against two executives were dropped during the trial at the request of prosecutors. The jury then acquitted Henry Eschenbach, Jack Wolter and Robert Bettacchi.

I can only hope that these executives have been well exposed to asbestos and die of the same death they brought on their workers. Mesotheleoma is a very slow and painful death by suffication. There is no cure so all the money they made killing others won't help them.

If you think about it pop over to the Libby Montana web site before Memorial Day and send your condolences. I'll get a link up later. They hold a memorial to all who died from asbestos exposures.

UPDATE: There is a memorial page that gives the history of the story but nothing for comments. If you go down to the second page of the table of contents you'll see what Bush and the republicans think of regular Americans.

Libby Tragedy

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BBC said...

The rich really don't care if they kill others as long as they can be rich.

Did you happen to catch how well Rush Limbaugh is doing? I hope that fucker dies a painful death.