Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sometimes the news gets too depressing

Hard to write latley with all the bad news. I keep seeing the evidence of our wonderful Bush depression with a weekly trip to the store passing all the closed shops along the way. I see more carpet and furniture stores with boarded up windows on this last weekend trip. Stores that had been there for over twenty years gone.

Afghanistan and Pakistan - I see undersupplied troops with no real mission unless just staying alive long enough to make it through a duty tour and hoping you don't get extended can be called a mission. I think Bin Ladin will die of old age before we catch him and the rest of the team will be well hidden in the mountains. To think we could bring democracy to that country was very wishful thinking.

Iraq - Soldier shoots several of his fellow soldiers. Gee and they thought people doing two tours of duty in Vietnam were nuts. This guy did three. Everyone has their breaking point. And now we're starting to see the return of suicide bombers. Let's see with 25+% unemployment it should be easy to get followers. You think we should just leave and let them rebuild the country rather than killing us or themselves?

GM and Chrystler set to close dealerships - That would throw over 150,000 out of work. That's a good way to eliminate pesky paperwork just get rid of all your customers.

Bank robberies - Saw more robberies in the last week than I care to remember. Now the robbers are bringing their kids along. What is this? Bring your kid to work month? Give little Billy some paper and pen and he can make out the note in the car before Daddy pops in for a quick withdrawl. Sorry Mr. Robber the bank doesn't have any money. They lost it in subprime mortgages and hedge funds. The money they got from taxpayers went to executive bonuses and junkets.

Healthcare - There's now 60 million without it and climbing. By the time they decide on how to fix the problem it will be much worse. With all the layoffs you know they'll have to cut medicare and medicade along with social security.

Schools - They've closed a bunch of schools to try and save money. Now they're laying off teachers. Why not just rent out Safeco field and hold classes there.

I could go on and on but I won't. Need to post this before a scheduled outage at 2:00 AM

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Brother Tim said...

Great rant ----- short and to the point, covering many bases. And eerily realistic to boot. ;)

When will they ever learn?