Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another bag of nuts and bolts

The kitteh in the post below reminds me of a night we were having cheezburgers. Somebody left their plate on the coffee table and went to the bathroom. I got up to go to the kitchen for some condiments. On my return I peered down at the plate to see a burger sans the meat. Looking around I see kitteh sitting in the corner licking her chops. :-)

With steel blades flashing and costumes a glitter with more sequins than a Liberace outfit mens skating took to the ice. Is it me or is this getting down right creepy? Then there's the two man luge. Who the hell thought of that one? Only time I'd consider that is if someone were removing me severely injured from a battlefield. Can you say tres gay?

Barrack Obama may finally be growing a pair. Frustrated by the lack of progress in congress he may resort to executive orders. Good on him just wonder what took him so long. He's bent over backwards for the other side of the isle and when they got everything they wanted they still voted against all the bills.


an average patriot said...

He is going to have to resort to Executive orders. It is absolutely the only way things will get done.

Them ass holes are voting down their own stuff just to keep him from accomplishing anything. I was peeved after hearing nothing but drill baby drill and we need more nuke plants from repugs Obama said that is what he wants and those B's said I hope he doesn't think he is going to get that.

They all have to go!

Four Dinners said...

'Then there's the two man luge'

There is?? Oh dear. Very Queer if you ask me.

oh...we aren't supposed to say queer anymore.

Oh fuck it. Very queer.

I have no idea what an executive order is...but then again...I'm not an executive....

Can't we just shoot all the politicians? Much more fun and I'm sure it would sort everything out...

BBC said...

You must be watching the Olympics, I'd never bother.

I'm not assuming that all executive orders are the right thing to do, it depends on the preznut and how wise he/she is I guess. I like the man but I don't think he is all that wise.

And can't the next preznut reverse them?

Randal Graves said...

I wish I could order some executives.

Anonymous said...

You're losing it darlin'. With that photo, your heading should have said SCREW YOU! Well, you had a good run.