Saturday, February 13, 2010

New blog

I guess we are all interelated in the blog world. What's that about six degrees of seperation? Anyhoo I stumbled on another fine blog while tripping through the net and Four Dinners blog. Speaking of which congrats to Dinners who just past his test to become a driving instructor. Now just why somebody would want to do that as a profession is beyond me. Far easier to face sudden death wearing a moon suit and respirator than to wonder if 16 year old Suzzie will actually stop before the 18 wheeler ends your life. Just hope they have those duel controls in the drivers ed car mate.
But then there I go getting side tracked and I'm not even on a cell phone. The blog I'll be putting in the sidebar is MadMikesAmerica with a plethora (sic) of writers. Now how could I hope to compete with that. But the thing I like about the blog is that several writers (bloggers) that I've followed seemed to have come to a focal point at Mikes in cyberspace.

Mad Mikes America

And leave the wolves alone. They never did anything to you.


Dusty said...

Ah yes, Mad Mikes spans the gamut in da blogosphere!

As for the wolves, they need all of us to stand up for them..but you know that, m'dear bloggy friend. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well... that's interessting but honestly i have a hard time seeing it... wonder what others have to say..