Sunday, February 14, 2010

We're all just clowns on this bus

Justin over at Pygalgia came up with This little post that I thought was very good. I'd like to take and run with it.

Sometime just after WWII when the war had ended the troops had come home and the U.S. was just starting to come out of the period of rationing and sacrifice some clown on Madison Ave. thought it would be a neat idea to get all the other clowns to buy a whole lot of stuff they didn't need. So they got their clowns in gray flannel suits on it. Now daddy clown just had to have the latest oversized clown car with the deluxe clown chrome bumpers. Mommy clown just had to have the latest designer clown dress that cost ten times what a regular one cost because it had a clown designers name on it. Then there was the clown cereal that was filled with sawdust at the bottom because clowns didn't bother to check because hey they saw it on clown TV so it must be good. The TV clowns wouldn't lie would they?
Then the clowns on Wall Street got with the clowns in Washington and had them drop all the clown rules so the Wall Street clowns could rip off the clowns on Main Street by selling them worthless clown paper. When the clowns on Main Street started running out of money the Wall Street clowns got with the banker clowns so the Main Street clowns could make sub prime clown loans and keep the three ring circus going. But somewhere along the line the clowns overseas got smart, took off their clown face paint and wanted their money back. That's when the clown pyramid collapsed. And you'd think that would have been the end of it until the Wall Street clowns got with the Washington clowns and got a clown bail out. The circus was too big to fail they said. So they got their clown bail out but the clown money on Main Street was gone. Did the Wall Street clowns help out the Main Street clowns? Nope they kept the clown bail out for themselves and now they're busy trying to squeeze the last dime out of the Main Street clowns. So far they've managed to steal the clown savings and clown retirements and when that wasn't enough they had the Main Street clowns refinance their houses so the circus could carry on. And now they're even taking the clown homes because there's nothing left to take. The Wall Street clowns took your retirement, the banker clowns took your savings and your house and the Washington clowns will send you a bill for the mess they and the Wall Street clowns created. And we're just clowns without a pot to pee in because we fell for all the clown tricks.


Roger Owen Green said...

Title reminds me of Firesign Theater's We're All Bozos On This Bus, which, of course, you didn't use because you were being clever.

S.W. Anderson said...

More than clowns, I'm reminded of the one about he who laughs last — realizing the good guys are way overdue for a good belly laugh.

pygalgia said...

I'll pass this on to Justin, as I think he'll enjoy it (not that he enjoys the clown circus).

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