Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The silliness of war and politics (it's all about the money)

It's either the U.S. or some other country (usually us) who develops some new fangled high tech weapon designed obliterate masses of population. We've become so creative at cleaning out the underbrush of civilization that no country on earth can beat us in that regard. But if you stop to think of all the cash that it's cost for this endeavor we probably could have feed clothed and housed the better part of humanity. Wars are fought for one reason and one reason only and that would be greed. All the propaganda and politics will not get you away from that face. When some politician starts in with the "us against them" or "we're the party of" watch out. They could probably care less about your well being or standing in the world and more about their own wallets. Doesn't matter if their Liberal, NDP, Torry, Democrat, Republican or what ever. You may stand for a principle they seeking office are looking at your bank statement. And it's now come to the point where you don't even have to win or even file papers that you're running to make bundles of cash.

So I think I'll just throw my hat in the ring. No wait a minute I don't even have to do that because that would involve a filing fee. Let me rephrase that. I'll be starting a fact finding committee to start thinking about considering to run once someone will front me the money. And don't worry your money will be well spent. Limos don't come cheap these days and after all we must present a high class image to the public. They wouldn't consider voting for a bum you know.


Randal Graves said...

If we spend our time feeding and clothing when the clothed and fed are simply going to be terrorized into a plot six feet under, we must strike first! Semper Fudge!

I'd like to donate $5000 of Monopoly money to your campaign.

Tom Harper said...

Go for it. Throw your hat in the ring. Then we'll find out your real name.

S.W. Anderson said...

Demeur, read William L. Shirer's "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" and "Berlin Diary" and then come back and tell me feeding, clothing and housing humanity would have prevented World War II. Maybe, but I don't think so. Look at what Hitler was about, what he did, and you have to know it was more than greed for wealth. It was lust for power to be used for consummate evil.

World War II was a just and necessary war. Obviously, not all wars qualify as either. Our voting public has proven entirely too willing to not just elect but re-elect war-prone leaders who get it wrong and persist with no-win wars that should never have been undertaken. Making matters worse, our political system has proven remarkably weak and innefective at reining in or replacing leaders who have gotten us into unnecessary, no-win wars.

Those are areas where reform is needed and possible but nowhere in sight.

an average patriot said...

If only humanity and the average citizen matter but only the ruling powers do. There is no such thing as truth and justice and the American way is concerning me.

BBC said...

True, we probably could have feed clothed and housed the better part of humanity. And all the bottom feeders would then be dependent on us until we went broke keeping them.

While greed is a large part of it we also fear losing our country to others so in that respect a strong military is good.

What a mess, but killing and blowing each other up does help keep the populations down.

We breed like fucking rabbits.

BBC said...

We get in no win wars because of politics, and the fact that I'm not your leader.

If I decided to kick a countries ass it would only take a couple of weeks for our military to do it.

Then I would annex it and break it up into new states.

Demeur said...

I'll take the 5 Gs now fork over Park Place sir.

Tom Never. I shall always remain an enigma.

As I said SW this is all about money. We have now become War Inc the greatest money maker and thief of all time. What is it $2 trillion and counting? And how many billions to defense contractors all on your dime.

Again Jim as I said it's all about the money not humanity or principle.

Billy you need your own island where you can be the big Kahuna.

BBC said...

Harper may not approve a comment I submitted to him so I'll put a copy of it here.

I contend that the rich are coming here to set up some businesses because they can find cheaper labor and rents here, and get concessions out of the city and county and port when they are pitching put a business here. While the jobs may help the local economy some I think they are removing too much of the profits from this area.

Like when Westport came here with their sales pitch, they bragged that they would be paying ‘living family wage’ jobs. Pffff. I believe that a family living wage now is at about thirty bucks an hour and I don’t’ think they are paying most employees near that figure. I have a love/hate relationship with unions – but – unionize Westport !!!

And I’m getting to where I really hate the rich and them taking our country away from us, they get too much of the cake in this country and are really messing it up for the rest of us. If the rich want a better airport we shouldn’t have to help pay for it, they can damn well pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Unconditional surrender of the aggressor in WWI would have gone a long way to preventing if not precluding WWII.
But that's aqua under the bridge.

America, at its core, is just as fascist as nazi Germany, make no mistake about that.

S.W. Anderson said...

Anonymous, the Nov. 11, 1918, armistice signed in a railroad car in the Compi├Ęgne Forest was a de-facto unconditional surrender. Terms were stern, and German leaders had no choice but to sign off on them. Their military was thoroughly beaten. Their government was broke. Germans were heading into winter with little fuel for heat. Much of the German population was going hungry and feared actual starvation. German sailors and others staged a revolt, and it was spreading across the country. The end of hostilities had to be settled quickly, and it was.

The notion Germans had been humiliated and their homeland locked into poverty, weakness and subservience was widespread throughout the country, especially among veterans. Hitler inflamed and exploited Germans' anger and resentment about that to build the Nazi Party, displace the country's inept democratic leadership and ultimately win power as chancellor, with a Nazi majority in parliament.

In short, the harsh peace terms, demonization of Germany, and huge reparations the country's war-wrecked economy had to pay, were what ensured Hitler's rise to power and made WW II inevitable.

Having studied Germany of the 1914-1945 period extensively, I find your final assertion absurd. The U.S. is neither faultless nor blameless, but it's never been fascist the way Italy was or Nazi the way Germany was.

S.W. Anderson said...

BBC, well said. You're right.