Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tepco confirms extra partial fuel rod meltdown at plant

Nothing like trying to spin a story. The two key words here are extra and partial. Exactly what is meant by extra. Is that as in oh don't worry about it these were just extra rods we have plenty more? And of course you have partial meltdown. Isn't that like being a little bit pregnant? And just how would they know anyway since nobody to date has been near the core of reactor to actually see its condition? Not to worry the Japanese say they'll have every thing under control by January!? I don't think I'd want these guys working on my car much less a nuclear reactor.
Here's a suggestion. Call the boys over there at Chernobyl and let have them have a look see. They could do no worse and seem to have a bit more experience in these matters.

Gots to run I have more pressing matters. I have work and after work some more work. No rest for the wicked.


Randal Graves said...

You want the Russians inspecting? Are you mad? They'll just use the fuel lying around to create some race of atomic-powered supermen and take over the West and we'll be advertising Gazprom on our shirts or risk being sent to a Siberian gulag.

BBC said...

Exactly what is meant by extra.

I guess it's like the menus in the fast food joints.

The Russians buried their mess to stop their problem, I'm thinking that is what Japan should do also.

BBC said...

Maybe those things shouldn't be in containment vessels with very thick floors. If things go to hell in one maybe it's just best to let them burn down into the earth and bury themselves there.

Even if they make it to the molten core it only means that they'll just become part of the natural nuclear energy already at work there.

The Blog Fodder said...

RG, I just got back from Siberia (Steppes, not Taiga or Tundra). You can send me there any time.
Nuclear power is all the good things they say about it. It is also all the bad things they say about it. The problem is humans. They don't follow their own (e.g. construction/safety)rules usually for money reasons, then they lie about it, again usually for money reasons and face saving reasons.(BBC, that seems to be your take on the whole world and you are right, of course).

S.W. Anderson said...

I'm waiting for the admission Tepco and the Japanese government erred in not moving people at least 50 miles from the plants, whatever it would take to do that.

I'm not sure the Russians or any others could come up with much of a plan to contain the mess at this point. It's so bad at the plants now that working there even for a minimal time is suicidal from what I read.