Monday, May 9, 2011

Where the hell was I

After a solid day with a headache (the system sometimes gets out of wack and no I don't drink) I mistakenly turn on the Sunday talk shows to be inundated with republican talking heads from the past. Just what rock they crawled out from under is anyone's guess. Nothing like getting a sour stomach from listening to these guys. It's like the grade school kids who had nothing to do with a victory trying to take all the credit. Sorry guys Bush was a 100% failure in everything he did.

In other news it seems Michigan is pulling a Wisconsin with the beginnings of a recall effort of 9 rethuglicon state house members as well as their governor. In Michigan's' case it's a matter of the governor signing a bill that effectively overturns the will of the people. The bill makes for taking over a city or town perfectly legal and putting it into the hands of an appointed person. That person would then have the right to nullify contracts and gain hold of what's left of the city coffers. Nothing like modern day fascism eh?
Michigan Gov your next Oh and don't eat the teriyaki jerky either.
Hat tip to the We Party for this one.

Hard to say exactly how well the economy is going at present. Just four years ago it would take me better than an hour to get to work and it didn't matter what shift I was working. After an extended absence (Again that's thanks to Bush and the Wall Street boys) it's taking about 1/2 an hour sometimes a little more. For a week or so a little more and now traffic has become lighter. I don't know if that is the result of higher gas prices or not. In their infinite wisdom our public transportation here has cut service and raised prices. Need to take a bus to see grandma at the home on Sunday? Forget it if you live here. No bus for you.


S.W. Anderson said...

The Sunday political talk shows have been been GOP dog and pony shows for years. Having very limited patience with listening to Lindsey Graham whine, Dick Cheney croak, John McCain get huffy and Newt Gingrich open his smarmy, lying mouth about anything, I avoid them like the plague.

What a great year this would turn out to be, for Wisconsin, Michigan and the whole country, if Walker, Snyder and their cronies were to get tossed out on their worse-than-worthless butts by irate voters. And, the more of them tossed out, the more likely it is to happen in other states.

The economy at present is enough to put one of Obama's feet on a banana peel and the other one out the White House door: unemployment still (officially) above 8.5 percent; fuel, food and clothing prices high and rising; and more and more people losing their homes to foreclosure, with more vacant homes deteriorating more neighborhood, while in the background, CEOs and big corporations just pile up the billions.

All well and good about nailing bin Laden, but that's not going to keep Obama from joining the unemployed. If he doesn't get busy doing more about the economy than seeking agreements on budget cuts with Boehner and Cantor, Obama will be extremely lucky to get re-elected in a squeaker, if he can re-elected at all.

Demeur said...

As I see it they'll play games with the debt ceiling making things even worse. What people seem to forget is that the debt ceiling is relative to GDP just like your income is tied to a mortgage. And as I see it our debt is no where near two and a half times our income. If it were way beyond that as some would have you believe then you would see this nation collapse.
How about borrowing to actually build or repair something rather than blow it up in a foreign country?

Randal Graves said...

You keep on forgetting that if we don't blow them up, they'll blow up our stuff before we even have a chance to fix it so fixing it is pointless. Duh.

BBC said...

Whatever the economy is I just deal with it, been doing that my whole life anyway.

On the bright side, my new boat motor is a sweet little bitch, I'm really impressed with the work she can do.

Anonymous said...

The Supreme court is in the bag so what's the point?

The Rethugs learned good lessons from Watergate days, the Demos, not so much.

Tom Harper said...

" talking heads from the past. Just what rock they crawled out from under is anyone's guess." Good question. It's like somebody lifted up the end of a huge boulder and out crawled Cheney, Dumbya, Gaptooth "Condi" Rice, and a bunch of other icky creepycrawly things.

If Dick Cheney likes torture so much, he should get a chance to practice what he's preaching. When he has his heart transplant operation, hold the anesthesia.

Jihad Punk said...

I beg to differ. Bush was not a 100% failure in everything he did.

He was incredibly successful at making us laugh.

So there!



The Blog Fodder said...

Hope the recalls come in time to prevent too much damage.