Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oddities of the English language and other peculiarities

I'm being eaten alive.
(Far better than being eaten dead I must presume)

The word salads of Sarah Palin defy logic.
So Paul Revere was going to warn the British?
Love to see her go up against a fifth grader in any contest of intellect.

News media is all over the Weiner showing his wiener story.
Ooo not of the family values crowd who seek out hookers and cover up trysts in South America? Hey at least he wasn't going after underage male senate pages. What a pecksniffian lot they are. Now look that that one up in your Funk and Wagnells. Come to think of it more than half the families in this country aren't families. Wrap that one around your logic circuits.

And lastly I must say the British have a far better mastery of the language than its' bastard children American offspring. But we do have more fun at butchering meaning and context.

More when I can think of it. Now it's back to what war or conflict around the world to take your mind off the fact that with no job you won't be able to retire? I've lost track.


Randal Graves said...


Grow up, Murka.

BBC said...

Palin actually did a half way decent save when she explained herself later, and she has nice tits.

I would like to be eaten when I die, by the worms and bugs and other critter that may want to snack on me.

BBC said...

Mr. Graves, got explosives? I hope so, just in case you ever need them.

Ole Phat Stu said...

You'd be surprised what's in "Mistress Quickly's Bed " ? It contains at least the following anagrams :-

Bedecks Slimy Squirts
Bedecks Slits Squirmy
Bedecks Silts Squirmy
Bedecks Lists Squirmy
Bedecks Silty Squirms
Bedecks Styli Squirms
Sickbed Styles Squirm
Sickbed Slyest Squirm
Sickbed Style Squirms
Sickbeds Lets Squirmy
Sickbeds Lest Squirmy
Sickbeds Style Squirm
Credibly Quests Skims
Climbers Squids Tykes
Beck Stylised Squirms
Becks Stylised Squirm
Brick Sleds Mystiques
Bricks Sled Mystiques
Bricks Sleds Mystique
Dissembler Quicks Sty
Dissemblers Quick Sty
Dissemble Cysts Quirk
Dissemble Cyst Quirks
Dissembles Quicks Try
Dissembles Cyst Quirk
Trembled Quicks Sissy
Bleeds Sticks Squirmy
Bleeds Sticky Squirms
Bleeds Mystics Quirks
Blessed Ticks Squirmy
Blessed Stick Squirmy
Blessed Sticky Squirm
Blessed Mystics Quirk
Blessed Mystic Quirks
Embeds Sickly Squirts
Bested Slicks Squirmy
Bested Sickly Squirms
Bridle Quicks Systems
Bridles Quicks System
Bridles Quick Systems
Driblets Quicks Messy
Bristled Quicks Messy
Imbeds Quickly Stress
Bedims Quickly Stress
Bled Systemics Quirks
Bred Slicks Mystiques
Derby Slicks Mesquits
Debs Slickest Squirmy
Debs Quickly Mistress
Beds Slickest Squirmy
Beds Quickly Mistress
Debts Sickles Squirmy
Debts Quicks Remissly
Bids Clerks Mystiques
Dibs Clerks Mystiques
Brimless Dicky Quests
Bisques Dicks Myrtles
Beryls Dicks Mesquits
Bless Sticky Squirmed
Bless Mystics Quirked
Belts Dickeys Squirms
Blest Dickeys Squirms
Berms Quickly Desists
Berms Quicks Stylised
Bests Slicked Squirmy
Bests Quicklimes Drys
Bests Sickly Squirmed
Bytes Slicked Squirms
Bytes Slicks Squirmed
Briskly Medics Quests
Bilks Cyders Mesquits
Bilks Descry Mesquits
Limbs Quickest Dressy
Bristly Quicks Messed
Squibs Trickled Messy
Squibs Sicked Myrtles
Squibs Dicky Smelters
Squibs Clerks Stymied
Squibs Tricks Medleys

Anonymous said...

Who in the flying fuck can stand to listen to that morroons grating, whining screech long enough to hear whatever distortion she's promoting at any given instant?

Fuck me running.

BBC said...

Fuck me running.

At my age I don't think I'm up to that.

S.W. Anderson said...

In a better era, Palin would've been making movies with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis by this point in her career.

Randal, remember, the space bar is your friend. (And no, I'm not referring to a tavern).

BBC, I think your first Palin observation was overly influenced by your second.

Ole Phat Stu, you've clearly got way too much free time. :)

Demeur said...

SW Palin would have made a good fill in for Goldie Hawn in Laugh-In.

Randal are you talking about zombie banks? Just asking.

BBC necrophelia isn't in just yet.

Stu Do we need a decoder ring to figure that one out or are you just playing around?

BBC said...

You mean necrophilia?

The Blog Fodder said...

Speaking of necrophilia, you heard about the undertaker who was in dead earnest?