Thursday, June 9, 2011

Too busy to blog but...

With a bowl of cereal in front the wall street journal to the side peering at the latest Google non story, Fox News in the background, a blue tooth in the ear and a smart phone taking photos of the nether regions, this has become the epitome of modern life. The voices in your head telling you that it would be a ginger peachy idea to cut off your left arm. Did I mail that electric bill yet? And turn off that Def Leopard I can't hear myself think.
And we wonder why just why our kids are attention defect and hyper. Reminds me I need another cup of coffee. Three sugars please.
So it's off to work I go to try and do the jobs of three people who are either too lazy or too stupid to do the job right the first time.
Life goes on. Eight hours.


Randal Graves said...

We're going to read about you in the papers, aren't we.

an average patriot said...

I know and just imagine we are the lucky ones of the world. Really makes you think!

S.W. Anderson said...

I once read a humorous piece about the modern housewife, how her life was filled with conveniences to the point where her days were made busy loading and unloading the washer, refigerator, oven, dishwasher, operating the radio, TV, vacuum clearner, etc.

Then, a comparison with how relatively simple it was in earlier times.

I sense an echo of that in your post, Demeur.

BBC said...

You have Blue Tooth? Fuck, I'd never go to that extreme, this fucking computer takes up enough of my time from getting out there in public and in others faces.

I wonder what it will be like here in fifty years, if humans are still here in fifty years.

Demeur said...

Read about me? Naw. I'm perfectly sane I'm telling you. DID YOU HEAR ME? I SAID I"M ON THE LEVEL, YOU CAN"T PIN THAT ON ME. AND WHO READS THE PAPERS ANYWAY?

Oddly enough there are no shrinks in third world countries.

Blue tooth? I have none of those things other than the bowl of cereal and computer screen.

The Blog Fodder said...

Would appreciate your take on this article.