Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why is it that the last straw is violence?

When protests are ignored and letters to the editor go unanswered and mass gatherings are ignored by MSM things can get violent. Nothing seems to get more attention than overturned flaming cars, bloody heads and tear gas canisters fired by the boys in blue. We know that the fringe groups do it for the mere pleasure of destroying property with no real agenda. Who doesn't like to take a whack at a old wreck with a sledge hammer and pay for the privilege? One amusement attraction involves breaking cheap dishes for the simple pleasure of breaking something with no legal ramifications. Is it something ingrained in our genetic make up? The need to destroy something, anything with a sense of glee. Could explain the ear shattering sounds of Metal music. But I guess we destroy in lesser fashions in our daily lives. Whether it be in the form of making the that pile of paperwork disappear. Ripped through that stack of memos and you did such a great job that here's another stack. Yes we take a near sick pleasure in destruction. I was there when they blew up the Kingdome and was somewhat taken back when the dust settled and the crowd gave a hardy round of applause and high fives to us. But should I be surprised when one of the favorites of Mythbusters is yet ever larger explosions to the point that the boys must be over a mile a way to prevent personal injury?
And now violent video games are protected by free speech laws. There's a bit of perversion in that line of thinking. So now junior can engross himself in all the mayhem his hearts desires but woe be to him should he try and see anything more than partial nudity on screen or video. It would make for an interesting experiment to give junior a choice between firing a 50 cal or watching live sex.

Last straw? It's slowly becoming the first straw.


Randal Graves said...

Destructive? Hardly.

Sex destroys minds and reaps souls. Violence gets the next generation of soldiers ready to fuck up the enemy du jour.

an average patriot said...

You know, reading this makes me think our habits or whatever you call them are innate and served us well as cave men but those days are over and now we are our own worst enemies. I do not think violent games should be protected.

The Blog Fodder said...

Civilization seems to be going backwards so fast that we may need all those caveman reactions again soon

S.W. Anderson said...

Maybe that's why I don't care for metal music. I've rarely enjoyed destroying something, but take particular pleasure when I can refurbish something worthwhile but worn or out of whack, so it's still presentable and useful.

Randal wrote, "Sex destroys minds and reaps souls."

You're telling us more than we really want to know as to how you go about it. :)

Blog Fodder, it appears some of us already are. See what Randal said. :)

BBC said...

Watching live sex, Helen and I are in, where do we get tickets?

Why is it that the last straw is violence?

Because it is the last straw, or seen as such.

I've had a few computers I've wanted to take out in the yard and beat the crap out of myself. Should have, they ended up junk anyway.

Not going to hurt junior to learn about sex, in times past it was common in some areas to take junior to a whorehouse to be trained right.

A right of passage thing, or something like that.

BBC said...

Violence gets the next generation of soldiers ready to fuck up the enemy du jour.

The idea is to keep others from screwing your women.

Anonymous said...

...or your women from screwing others.

Don't mention it, my pleasure Bill.

Demeur said...

Catchy little tune but I can't dance to it unless I have my two flaming sabers slashing at the air.

Seeing as how those under a certain age do not seem to have the mental capacity to separate fact from fiction I have to agree Jim.

Easy for you to say down on the farm Fodder.

SW I only like to destroy when there's someone right behind me ready to rebuild. That is a necessary process.

Billy you're too old for that sort of thing and anyway you seem to get too much of it already judging by your emails.

Good one Anon.

Roger Owen Green said...

Noticed that the Supreme Court decided that violent video games are OK for our youth. But previous decisions, sexual matter can be constrained.

Sex bad, violence good. SCOTUS says so.