Friday, July 19, 2013

Beaver friday and he's not too thrilled about anything

Boston bomber photo on Rolling Stones mag causes furor
I say baloney. None of us were born with a 45 in our hands so the kid went wrong somewhere along the line. That was the whole point of the article.

Martin's parents disgusted
As they should be because we're talking about a town that once had lynching of blacks not long ago. Being white doesn't always mean you're right.

Russian opposition leader gets 5 years for theft
Sounds like the old days of the Soviet Union. Jail your opponents.

Detroit goes bankrupt
Well when half your tax base leaves the city was there any other option? Those that remain can't get out because their houses are underwater mortgage wise. And the new auto industry only pays about half what it once did.

Stocks drop on tech earnings and oil rising
Again more baloney. The bulk of stock trades are done automatically by computer. When they hit a certain high it's sell off time with no human intervention. There was a time when the average Joe could understand the system. There was common stock and preferred stock and that was it.

News not quite reported

German finance minister visits Greece, government imposes laws against protesting
That sure didn't stop anybody from hitting the streets. Germany to give Greece $8 billion just to cover the interest on their debt. Sheesh I've seen kinder loan sharks.

And speaking of banks
Why the system will collapse shortly. Not much changed about the banking rules even after the 2008 meltdown. If anything things are worse this time around. People have had their savings drained while the banks continue to get nearly free money from the Fed. That money isn't going to do things that would have an eventual payback like roads hospitals and schools. It's being leveraged just like it was the last time with more phony junk shares being sold worldwide and hedge funds being used as cover when the whole house of cards comes crumbling down.

Gold that bastion of stability isn't so stable
While more shares of paper stocks are being sold a few companies are buying up the actual product, that is cashing in their paper to take possession of the real stuff. That should be an omen. Gold therefore has been leveraged out and those holding paper may soon find a new use for it, as toilet paper.

Bank fails later
UPDATE: No banks failed this week


The Blog Fodder said...

In the former Soviet Union, it was a constant struggle between Party and KGB as to who ran the country. Party lost; KGB won.

Mauigirl said...

Nice roundup of the news...

Demeur said...

Quite true Fodder.

Just doing my part to spread the scuttlebutt.

Roger Owen Green said...

The picture on the cover of the RS is the SAME picture that was on the front page of the May 5 NY Times.

jim marquis said...

I just couldn't believe the uproar over the RS cover. I swear, some days a lot of our fellow citizens seem like they just got here from 1832.