Wednesday, July 17, 2013

News you can't use and it's hot and muggy so don't expect niceties.

Okay Pandora got her box burned for starters. The rest is downhill.

Travyon played a huge role in own death.
Okay ladies we'll remember that one the next time somebody is stalking you in Florida.

Bernanke says economy still facing headwinds.
What's the matter haven't your buddies on Wall Street finished pillaging the nations coffers?

Pope says he'll cut your time in purgatory is you follow his twitter.
What an arrogant prick. First he puts the hammer on whistleblowers so he can hide behind decrees, now he wants to blackmail his followers. Hey how about finding out about all those pedophiles you have amongst you and the money your church stole from it's parishioners?

Egypt gets to work amid protests.
Hey MB you lost power. The people didn't buy you brand of governing. Get over it.

U.S. ties outweigh intelligence squabbles.
Oh give me a break. Putin was the head of the KGB, he's loving every minute of this embarrassment.

Bank of America profits up 63% on CEO cost cutting
So CEO Brian Moynihan has figured out his next bonus based on the number of underlings he's fired.

Google ads to be blocked from sites offering pirated content
Oh thank you Google that'll save me from having to install ad blocker and not seeing your lame ads. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot eh?

Marissa Mayer's Yahoo remains a work in progress
Yeah she's a piece of work. Nothing like taking something that works and messing it up. Remember the last time you guys tried to "update" things. And making everything purple? Yuck!


The Blog Fodder said...

I think it is time that sincere Catholics everywhere turfed their entire hierarchy and started over with a new system. There are some good sincere people out there

Demeur said...

Most Catholics I know don't follow most of the church doctrine anyway so you're right.