Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday news beaver

Almost forgot the friday beaver as things got a bit busy around here. But this little guy looks like he had fun on the fourth.

Snowden gets offered asylum
And who really wouldn't want him with what he knows. He only spoke the truth about the illegal activities going on around the world.

Egypt the turmoil begins with clashes between pro and anti Morsi protesters
It'll be a long 8 months until a new leader is selected but rest assured another dictator will follow.

Judge drops acquittal request for George Zimmerman
As was expected as it only gave the defense more time to add to the defense. Short take: He's toast.

Pope John Paul II to be canonized
Yeah he ought to be canonized right in front of one for hiding all the pedophile scandals.

39 injured at California fireworks show
You're supposed to put the heavy shells near the middle of the platform not on the outside edge. 

Bank fails later
UPDATE: No bank fails this week


BBC said...

Next year I'm going camping on the 4th.

BBC said...

Syria's Brotherhood says West must step up arms to rebels.

I can't think of one good reason why we should give arms to a bunch of radical muslims.

Demeur said...

With all those monkeys out there Billy? You must be crazy.

And to your second comment, maybe you'll just shoot each other thereby thinning the gene pool. Thought you were a cheerleader for that.

BBC said...

Not many monkeys where I go camping most of the time.

Sure, I don't care if they kill each other, but they can get their arms from others than the American taxpayers.