Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

Was just wondering what I could contribute to Earth Day. I've installed the low flow devices on the faucets lowered the hot water tank level even replaced to a new energy efficient one. Changed to CFL lights and all the other things you can do to save energy many many years ago thanks in part to a wise older sister. There isn't much more I can do energy or water wise to honor our Mother Earth.
So I give you a chemical. A chemical so powerful it can kill weeds and moss in 24 hours. A chemical that can power through grime and clean most countertops, windows and mirrors. And yet this chemical is safe enough to use around food surfaces, pets and children. A chemical that's very inexpensive and available everywhere. Totally natural. Totally environmentally friendly and so safe you could eat it with no ill effects. Have you guess what it is?
If you guessed white vinegar you'd be right.
I use it to clean my coffee maker save the used part to spray on weeds and moss. Works great for an upset stomach or muscle cramps. Also if we're working with caustic chemicals at work and run short of neutralizes we use white vinegar.

Update: After I posted this it hit me that I've removed and thus kept from the environment hundreds of thousands of tons of toxic materials over the many years I've worked at this. Nothing like working so much that you can't think straight. What's the expression? "Can't see the forest for the trees".

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