Saturday, April 14, 2007


Think I've said this several times before that the Republicans need to start listening to the American public or they risk loosing their seats in the next election. My question is why are they clinging to a failed lame duck president who will provide no benefit to their reelections. Over 60% of America is against this war and yet the stuborn Republicans continue to stand behind Bush and his veto threat.
What people seem to forget is that should all funding for this war be cut off totally it won't mean that our troops will be sitting there with no bullets or food or any other item necessary for thier protection. They would merely pack it up and come home or be redeployed elsewhere.
The Rebublicans stubornly dig their heels in against the wishes of America. Why? What do they expect to gain?
When you buy a used car and you later discover that there is something seriously wrong with the engine do you keep the car and continue to pump thousands of dollars into it or do you get rid of it? It's time to dump this lemon.

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