Monday, April 9, 2007

Gag Orders

I see several attempts to quash people's right to free speech both here and abroad. What those in power don't realize is that by doing this they only put themselves in a position of greater embarrassment. Most secrets do not remain secrets forever as someone somewhere is always willing to talk to a reporter, a friend, or co-worker. This administration thinks it can do as it pleases and silence critics and detractors in the process. Not so. It should be interesting to see the real story behind Hicks. He was the Austrailian held at Gitmo for 5 years and only recently was represented by legal council. As part of his sentence he can not talk about his treatment at Gitmo. The only problem is that the laws in other countries are a bit different. Australian law permits convicts to talk about their crimes as long as they don't profit from it. It will also be interesting to see exactly when his story gets out. He's still has some prison time left and won't get out until January 2008.

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