Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One More Time

Just read where the U.S. is accusing Iran of training the insurgents in Iraq. This could not be further from the truth than anything I've read. Why you ask? Quite simplely Iran has a population made up of 90% Shia 8% Sunni. As we all know the insurgents are Sunni or at least most of them. I'm sure the government of Iran is made up of 100% Shia and has no desire to support the Sunni minority. Some years back I saw listed in the Iranian budget monies for revolutionary spending. This was when Sadam was in power so you know the money was going to support the Shia.
My guess is that the U.S. is trying to spread these rumors in an effort to take the attention off the recently announced "surge' from Al Sadar and to try and gin up the case for war with Iran not to mention the administrative disasters in the Justice Department. So it's all smoke, mirrors and more diversions all for oil money. If you can't get the oil from Iraq then keep the fear mongering going to keep the prices high and the profits higher thus making your friends richer.


pygalgia said...

Demeur, please read more of Juan Cole, to get a full picture of all the real middle east news. Keep up the posts.

shayera said...

Look at you, using facts! You know the Bushie don't worry their little heads about stuff like that!
Good analysis.