Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The last few days have been insane for me. Monday was up nearly 23 hours trying to get a job done that's one of those 'got to get it done' jobs or the poop will hit the fan. All might have gone well had it not been for the supervisor who is less than able to follow a process that I've been doing for well over 15 years now. I can now have a little feeling for those under Bush. Imagine working for someone who's easily distracted and constantly changing direction both his and yours. You are well aware of the basics of what needs to be done, but Mr. confusion in chief keeps changing direction from one second to the next. Needless to say the job didn't get done on time (not even close) because of the wasted time redoing things three and four times. All because someone doesn't know how to lead. I came very close to picking up my tools and walking out. Now I can appreciate those who are fleeing this misadministration. Wonder if you asked them for an honest reason they left they wouldn't say something like "this guy is such a moron he could manage his way out of a closet without help."
There I've said my rant for the week now you can return to blogging.

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