Saturday, October 20, 2007

Let's try again


Not to give up (thank goodness our forefathers didn't) there's a new push to stop the war with protests next Saturday October 27th. Yes and I'm still waiting for the unions to get involved in all of this. A note to all the union leaders out there. Do you people remember the story about boiling the frog? It goes like this if you've forgotten. If you take a frog and try to throw him in a pot of boiling water he'll quickly jump out and run away. If you carefully place the frog in a pot of slightly warm water and very very slowly turn up the heat. The frog feeling comfy in his froggy hot tub doesn't realize what's happening, then after a while the frog is boiled. Do you get the comparison between what this administration is doing to our rights and hard fought benefits. We need to get together and start chipping away at the source of our losses. As I see it in another 5 or 10 years we'll only be getting a paycheck if our jobs haven't been outsourced. So what do we do? What we've done for nearly 100 years now... Organize, protest and strike. You may be out there delivering the goods that support this war but eventually the bill is going to come due and remember Bush and Co. financed this war on borrowed money. Simply put what happens when you can't pay your mortgage or car or truck payment? On a national level that's called a depression and it won't be a pretty picture as nearly all of the safety nets have been cut first by Reagan and what was left by George W. Don't believe me? Get injured, get sick, fall behind on some payments and see who's out there to help. It won't be George W or any of his minions. I could give you facts and statistics until I'm blue in the face but you won't believe me unless something happens in your life. I've already been through this many years ago and I really don't want to go through it again but I believe it's going to happen very soon.

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