Sunday, October 28, 2007

War protest 6th year

I'm glad to see that protesters have increased in numbers from years past and a little more media attention was given to the protest. But then our wonderful elected leaders are still not listening and from the sounds of it there's no great plan and little mention of bringing the troops home anytime soon by any political party. So what have we gained? A whole lot of people had a walk in the park and may be hoarse on Monday. Come on people we can do better than that. Let's be creative. Unless we can fill D.C. with a half a million and clog the streets there or come up with better ideas nothing's going to change. We need to find out exactly why the Democrats will not stand up and lead and let them know that if they don't start soon they'll see someone else holding their office after the next election.


Robert Rouse said...

I am sick of the way the MSM is ignoring the demonstrations against the war. It's as if they don't want the apathetic and pathetic citizens who sit on their asses to know there are people who disagree with Chimpus Maximus and his illegal and immoral war. This time, even several of the so-called A-List bloggers even failed to mention Saturday's mobilization.

Some of us do care. We may not have the readership of the Huffington Post or Daily Kos, but we try to get the word out the best we can. Over at my place, I did post videos of the Chicago mobilization.

Demeur said...

Thanks for stopping by Robert. It's too bad more people weren't out there but the problem remains without the draft there's no risk. Back in the seventies when we were all standing in line waiting for a letter from the draft board it was a life and death situation. I was at the May Day protest back then with over 100,000 in D.C. It scared the poop out of the establishment then. Now the media is controlled by the white house. I was surprised to see anything on the protests (on msm).
What we are loosing now is a lot of our tax dollars and our freedoms. Nothing will happen until we come up with more creative ideas. That's why I say we hit em in the wallet. That's the only thing they seem to understand. Who get's the politicians' attention some nobody with a complaint or a lobbiest with a suitcase full of money?
Any ideas? I'm all ears.

Robert Rouse said...

We need to get the youth more involved. It seems like the vast majority of the people at these rallies are older types (not that I consider being in my 50s old). I am seeing more and more kids out there, but not enough. Perhaps a real threat of a draft would light a fire under their asses and the butts of their conservative parents!

I also have to thank all the Iraq War Vets that keep showing up and leading these marches.