Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More bad management

Browsing the news I see more and more examples of bad management and blunders of this misadmenistration. If George W. were your son (thank God he's not) would you hand over your wallet or credit cards to him? Our government can't account for $1.6 billion for the training of Iraqi police. See: Dyna Corp
It may take 3 to 5 years to find out where the money went? Maybe we should just send a couple of sharp I.R.S. agents over there and I'm sure there'll be an accounting in a few months not years. And what a waste of resources anyway. There was a point just after our invasion where the Iraqis could have trained police and rebuilt their own country. All of that has been lost because Iraq has suffered the greatest brain drain of any country I can imagine. In short the best have left. And yet George wants to keep pumping more money into a loosing proposition. Have any of you had a used car that just didn't work out? You know what I'm talking about. That car with a great body, nice interior, plenty of bells and whistles but the one with a bad engine. You think you can fix it but every time you take it to the mechanic he tells you something else is wrong. There is a point at which you must dump it and move on.
One point six billion dollars. That would just about cover the damage from the fires in Southern California or cover a whole bunch of uninsured children. And imagine what we could have done with the hundreds of billions already wasted. We could have rebuilt our own country.

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