Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Paper Plastic or neither?

photo via cracblur

The brilliant leaders in Seattle are going to pass legislation to ban such things as plastic food trays, egg cartons meat trays and the like in restaurants and stores within the next year. They are also proposing a .20 cent fee on all plastic and paper bags at stores. I'm all for recycling. I got it going at my place before it was popular, but to use punishment in the form of a tax seems a bit drastic. Seeing as how we already pay for the bags now and their disposal (stores don't just give them away and we all pay a garbage bill), I don't think much of this legislation. A better way might be a refundable deposit on the bags. The problem there is that bags rip rendering them unusable. It would be great if we all had those canvas bags but then again who remembers to bring them along to the next shopping trip? The delema.

Paper or plastic?
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BlueFlame said...

Personally, I like this idea. Plastic bags, for the most part, are really wasteful, and you learn to remember the canvas bags from home pretty quickly when you have to pay every time you don't.