Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Here's what we have left of the Democratic primary and my predictions for the results.

North Carolina - Obama
Indiana - Obama
Oregon - Obama
Kentucky - Toss up
West Virginia - Toss up
Montana - Obama
South Dakota - Clinton
Puerto Rico - Obama
Guam - Obama

I could be totally off on this. You never know about surprises with elections. What I do know is that there is no way McCain will be in the white house unless there is cheating like in the last two elections.
Assuming I'm wrong on even half of these primarys Clinton still can't win.


One Fly said...

You don't actually think they're not going to cheat as much as they can do you?

Demeur said...

Of course I do that's why I tell everybody to make a paper trail and demand a hand recount. It worked out here to keep the rethuglicans out of the governors office.

Robert Rouse said...

Kentucky and West Virginia will end up in Clinton's column. The rest may be dead on. At least I know I'm doing my part here in Indiana to make sure Obama wins.