Friday, April 4, 2008

Recession or Depression?

I said before after looking over my March bank statements that it was not a good month. I'm holding my own for the moment but I don't know how long that will continue if things don't start to turn around. My jobs are definitely tied to what happens in the real estate market and what companies spend for remodels and the like. It would be nice to get an O+M job (operations and maintenance) for some large company but those are few and far between. Gee and I thought this was an election year. I guess Shrub wants McLame to loose so he can blame the Democrats for our economic mess.

The R word

Let me see. With auto sales going down and Delphi (auto parts maker) bankrupt that's going to put a big ugly in Detroit a city already hit by the mortgage melt down. That will have a ripple efect in that part of the country as well as other areas. Then with the airlines having problems (they're just trying to cut corners to save money) will cut back even more. This was comming for a couple of years. They outsourced the baggage people and cut back on maintenance about two years ago. I'd say good luck trying to get to an unpopular or should I say unprofitable destination. Then of course there's banking. I think you'll see less branches of your local banks fairly soon (more cost cutting). And it goes on and on and on. This is nothing new to me. I've been through this three or four times. It's not pretty especially since all of the safety nets are gone.

Oh, by the way, don't bother to try and send a donation. I'm not down to eating my shoes just yet. I'm just saying this sure is depressing.

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