Monday, April 28, 2008


It just puzzles me that the talking heads keep saying how wonderful the stock markets and other investments are going. Everywhere I see people are cutting back on their spending. Not that they really want to but because gas is so high and food prices are following. If anyone were to continue to spend in their customary fashion they would soon notice a very slim bank account at the end of the month.
The employment figures for our state were just posted last week. Usually Wa. is one of the last states to feel the economic punch of a downturn. This one has come very quickly. Employment had held steady up until last month (Mar) that's when unemployment edged upwards by .4%. It doesn't seem like much unless of course you are one of the .4%. I am in that catagory, but having been in this up and down profession for nearly 18 years now, I am patient. Time to look back and reflect on the sheer volume of work I've done over the years. I think if it was placed in a pile it would look like a small mountain with a stream of liquid waste flowing down the sides. The sheer tonnage even boggles my mind.
The bad part of unemployment is what to do after you've remodeled your place, cleaned out all the closets and cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom twice a day. There's nothing on the boob tube and I think I've been everywhere on the internet that I'd care to go. One more page of Jane Smith's baby photos and I'll need an erp rag. I can't plant a container garden like I'd planned as they're still painting the building and doing repairs. So here I sit rambling about something everybody already knows. And life goes on.

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One Fly said...

Been there-done that. It sucks big time if it goes on long. Good luck Demeur.