Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How not to fly a plane

A United pilot accidentally spilled his coffee into the controls of the aircraft he was flying and set off a hijack alarm. Humm, maybe he was trying to sober up before landing. So I guess we can give him the tippy cup award complete with bib.

Looks like there were two winners in the "BIG" lottery. I believe they each get something like $100 million each. Knowing lotteries as we do it will probably be a couple of old farts who don't need it and wouldn't know what to do with it when they get it. And I'm just sure if they're still working at the rendering plant that they'll continue working there because it's such a great place to work.

Good cop bad cop
No good image could I find for this last bit.
Now that the drunken thieves have taken back the House, the Dems will have no choice but to trade places with the Rethugs and be the party of "No". No to the defunding of programs just passed into law. No to unfunding Health Care passed just last year. No to defunding Food Safety. No to cutting out farm subsidies No to underfunding the EPA. You'll see all of these programs and agencies sit as zombies with no life or power. But they won't stop there. They've already started to undo social security by cutting withholding that pays for it. And with all the cutbacks we're seeing what it's doing to the states and their budgets. Expect worse. Much worse. Our state has already cut to the bone and it still wasn't enough. When you cut basic health care for the needy they have no choice but to head to the emergency room costing ten times as much as seeing a regular doctor. The next round of cuts estimated at $4 billion will cut into fire and police because there's nowhere else to cut. So you may just want to invest in a good fire extinguisher and a gun.


S.W. Anderson said...

Re: the Blithering Idiot. What a waste of a good beverage.

Re: lottery winners. You're probably right, but these super lotteries seem to also often be won by a group of co-workers who each chip in $50 or $100 and end up buying a huge number of tickets.

Re: Good cop, bad cop. "Boom-and-bust economy" doesn't just apply to Wall St. and Main St. It also applies to public-sector services. It's the worst way to run things in all these areas, wasting time, money and causing people all manner of grief and loss.

Maybe someday enough people will learn that to make getting rid of boom and bust possible.

Note that a good many really wealthy people kind of like boom and bust, because when people of lesser means go bust, they tend to make great bargains in land, businesses, stocks and other things available to those who have the money to buy.

Roger Owen Green said...

Don't understand the logic of the SS cut AT ALL.

BBC said...

I'm kind of pleased that someone in a small town like Ephrata was one of the winners. There's a few rich fucks there that have control of most of the land but most folks there are just working folks.

And generally speaking rich fucks don't buy lotto tickets, working class and poor folks do, hoping to hit a big one.

It's sort of a poor mans tax and for those that are bad at math (because gambling is) but hey, there are lucky winners.

I have my dream of remote property so even I buy some, not the Mega, just the state lotto, and not until it's over 3 million, and only one at a time three times a week.

Three bucks a week isn't going to break me, it's the poor folks that buy 20 or 30 bucks worth that are getting poorer.

Ah fuck, I forgot to buy one today, now some asshole is going to get my winning ticket.

The Blog Fodder said...

I only bought 649 when the pot was over $10 million. Anything less is just a lifestyle annoyance.

MRMacrum said...

I can think of one lottery I was grateful I did not win. The draft lottery back in 1971.

Now that the gavel has been passed to the man with the tan, Life inside the beltway is sure to get more interesting. Hope the Democrats show up wearing their big boy pants, but I won't hold my breath.

BBC said...

I just heard that the man that had the winning Wa. ticket is retired. He may be wise enough by now to do the right things with it.

On the other hand it would be fine if someone young won it and pissed it all away soon, it keeps the economy going.

an average patriot said...

I still find it hard to believe that a cup of coffee could do that, if it was that easy it seems it would have happened before.

From what I have observed the Republicans have betrayed the tea party and everything they ran on and are saying from day one. This is going to be bad!

Randal Graves said...

I can't wait until the economy gets even shittier and Comic Sans opens up his casino, pickpocket the richies as they pop on out.