Friday, January 28, 2011

Must be Friday

What was the tipping point? What was the final straw? For my feline friends here it was lack of cheeseburgers. In other countries it was a stolen election or an assassination or lack of jobs. Idol hands are the devils' workshop you know. Rampant greed with few getting it all and above all no compassion. Maybe it was all headed in this direction and we just didn't see it coming. There were the good years when values went to the clouds and money flowed like a wild river, but not for all. Some had to endure the whims of a dictator and watch silently as he plundered the countrys' wealth. Truth will set you free but be careful what you wish for you just might get it and not like what you see. And now that the shouting has stopped and the flames are almost out it's time to pick up the pieces and make do with what's left. Yes, I know it's not over by a long shot, but I only outline the process. It seems a part of nature as predictable as the setting sun. You could almost set your watch to it. Famine and pestilence death and destruction ignorance and greed grace the pages of history every hundred years or so. And we always fall for the lie of denial, oh that was in the dark ages we're not like that now. But are we? We think nothing of killing another on this planet after all they're a member of (..........). We kill them and cage them and wonder who's next and does it ever stop? A fool's errand would be Shakespeare's reply.
We'd love nothing more than to see life on an even keel but I know that will never happen. Maybe that's just one of the very core items of living on this planet. Call it part of the nature of man. But then how boring would that be if there were no ups or downs ever? I guess there really is a time for all things. And I know that my feline friends will eventually be let out of that cage only to start all over again.

Bank fails: There were four this week in various states.


MRMacrum said...

Your feline friends have an even chance of being let out or being destroyed. Such is the way of the World. While everyone in the World struggles for the same thing, until we do it as a group, some will pay so others may dance.

BTW - excellent rant. Really well done.

an average patriot said...

The keel has been torn off and it will take a long time to set it again and in what order?

Randal Graves said...

I shout with joy at your near-nihilism.

BBC said...

Why in the hell do I come back from camping, I'm so happy out there.

S.W. Anderson said...

Educators will tell you learning doesn't occur evenly. If you graph a child's learning in a year, or through grade school, middle or high school, you don't get an upsweeping line. Instead, it looks more like stairsteps.

I think it's that way for countries, civilizations and mankind as a whole. You have periods of brief advancement interspersed with periods of slack or even backsliding. And things, good and bad, do repeat at times.

Sometimes you have to stand very far back and have a very large graph to see improvement, but things do tend toward that over time.

Demeur said...

See Billy every time you go away the world goes to hell. So no more camping trips for you.

SW I think we're sliding back a bit too far. And at exactly what point does it go so far that there's no come back?

Ranch Chimp said...

There's so much pushed on folk's now, that many dont have time to keep up with it. Everything is tricky and everything designed by these type's to be a distraction. Once you get a clear picture of what this consist's of, it is easier to beat it too. Everything from our law's, tax code's, to the value's that are taught to us is all part of a smokescreen to make us better servant's. You know of all folk's Demeur, how much of a snowjob everything is. I believe in doing onto them as they would have done onto us. No ... I wouldnt give them bailout's or help of any kind, or fall for the nonsense that if we dont support this iconic neo dictatorship (that's basically all it is) we will all live in the ghetto and soup kitchen's for eternity. People Demeur, dont even realize how much power to change they do have, we are largely played on because frankly we take alot too. The most nauseating thing is that we become deluded and dependent on these type's, who frankly are nothing without us ... Hell ... they dont create, have any unique idea's, they simply buy out everyone and thing, their not even warrior's, or ... frankly not much of anything ... their the type's that would even try to contaminate science, by preying on scientist's with financial problem's to try to buy them to support their agenda's, as you see with these rent- a- scientist's, they financially muscle to tell us that thing's like raping the Earth has and enviromental plus to it, coming up with term's like Bush used, like "Clean Coal", etc, etc. It's just a matter of playing our card's right ... folk's now are getting more keen/ hip to this than ever before, and our future generation's will be past this. This icon will destroy "itself" in due time, you can bank on it.

S.W. Anderson said...

Demeur, we're definititely sliding back too far. Recalling the Dark Ages and China's long period of xenophobic isolation, there have been long spells of backwardness. But I don't think there has ever been one that was permanent.

Remember, the one constant in life is change.