Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ya can't have your cake and eat it too.

Taxes or services?

Seems I've hit a small pocket that's newsworthy when I posted about tax and spending problems in the deep south. Those at the lower end of the spectrum are not the only ones facing difficult situations. Even the richie rich have their problems and it doesn't involve which choice of which wine to have for dinner either. The folks out on Long Island (that'd be Nassau County) are having their financial decisions taken over by state government. Somebody forgot to tell them that taxes actually pay for real things like police, firefighters, and of yes even retired county commissioners. But you know with that crowd, anything to do with taxes is evil and must be put in its' place. They rant and rave about what it costs to have public services. Those evil unions just make things so expensive you know. All the while they fail to realize what it costs for the average joe to live there. With average property taxes running $11,000 per year (some of the highest in the nation) is it any wonder a cop or fireman makes what we could only dream about making? And you sure wouldn't want your police living off island and having to commute during an emergency. But nobody thinks of those little details. Interestingly enough the Canadians are looking into addressing just this very problem, They realize that in places like Vancouver, BC most of the police and firemen don't live in the city and in the event of an earthquake there would be little response should roads become impassable.

None of this seems to matter to the "something for nothing crowd" who will try and fight the issue in court. But it won't matter from a legal standpoint because as much as you'd like you can't change facts no matter how much political spin you put on it.


an average patriot said...

Of course I blame it on Republicans but we are watching so many cut backs in services because there is no money to pay for them.

The services are necessary and Republicans want to cut billions of dollars more. They created this hole and the more I see happening around the world the more pessimistic I am that we will get out of it.

I have said it for years now but we are on our own in every regard and if we are to make it, it will be because of us not the Government.

When I listen to the likes of Rand Paul and Michell Bachmann I cringe.

Randal Graves said...

Well jeez, all we have to do is outfit first responders with Hueys and Harriers. Problem solved. Sheesh.

MRMacrum said...

I'm sure the rich of Long Island would feel more secure anyway hiring private security. That way they could isolate themselves even more from the rest us unwashed dirtbags.

Here in Maine we just lay off more cops. Who needs cops anyway? And with Volunteer Fire fighters covering the occasional fire, we can put all our tax dollars into snow removal and pothole filling.

Demeur said...

Paul and Bachmann are just comic relief.

Hueys and Harriers? Haha where do you think they'll get those?

So I guess your dump will go completely self service no?

MRMacrum said...

Actually our dump helps to pay for itself with the serious efforts to recycle. It isn't cost free, but it is cheaper to run than when we just tossed everything.

The Blog Fodder said...

Did you guys ever think of forming a country and creating a democratic responsible government?

Ranch Chimp said...

I just done a posting with a "60 Minutes" interview with Meredith Whitney (a top financial analyst), because I have been concerned a tad over a possible municipal bond's market crash or partial crash this year, due to other thing's that have been showing in the market's. Concerned because I dont want to see middle America take another hit ... they are just recovering from a big hit from 2008 recession (some lost half their retirement investment portfolio's, and now can almost never retire), and those working and middle American's have such an importante role as far as spending and such, because over 3 quarter's of America are employed by smaller companies. And municipal tax fund's and stimulus are drying up. I actually feel that the major corporate icon's as well as the world investment banker's want service's to fail ... because what ever fail's would almost have to be privatized, and they would gain even more power, the more they can privatize ... this is also why I turned into such a socialist sounding person over the last half a dozen year's (and believe me, in rural Texas especially I really sound like a commie to some), I also believe that they want SSI to fail, because their banking on total right wing rule in Washington after 2012, and they want to privatize that as well for private investment mostly offshore at that, in shakey new forming economies. If too much get's privatized ... my point is ... that there will even be less voice left as far as actual working and middle class having any true voice in government ... in an odd way ... what we are seeing out of alot of this right crowd of today is a form of tyranny actually (and I voted republican for many year's back in the day's) Also this so called TeaBag crowd I been writing about because I dont see them as any alternative party, but just a created distraction to make it look like their putting GOP's in line or such, created by corporate anonymous dollar's only. But yeah ... we are looking at some serious issue's as far as municipal service's even. We been milked to the max Guy, basically. And what many American's dont even see, is that there actually isnt any reason for any wealthy person right now to pay a dollar in tax, if you look at how the tax code's are wrote, and guess who write's them? Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... enough said.