Saturday, January 15, 2011

Truth in advertising

Candy Co. Recalls Toxic Waste Bar See I told you this was truth in advertising. A candy bar made in Pakistan actually contained elevated levels of lead. Can't fault them for being honest now can we? And anyway kids these days will eat just about anything if they think it's cool. And now I know where some of the nasties went that I removed all those years. I wondered about that. Always thought they went to an industrial waste landfill. Silly me.

J&J Voluntarily Recalls Medicines Including Tylenol, Benadryl
Johnson and Johnson has recalled several of it's over the counter medicines because somebody didn't do a good job cleaning the equipment. Oh well I guess that's what happens when you cut back on the staff because who wants to pay for a janitor these days?

In other environmental news I'm a bit concerned about the floods in the southern hemisphere. I realize that this is a reoccurring event that happens from time to time but it looks like much of the crops down there could be wiped out. It is La NiƱa that large mass of cold ocean water that changes weather patterns. Now for those climate change deniers out there this is what happens when the arctic ice starts melting. The natural flow of heat in the oceans stops and that is why you can have ugly winters in the north and droughts in the south. Can't say that I've ever seen such large areas affected all at once like this though. Keep your eye on the jet stream though. If it shifts to the far west for any length of time then we'll have crop losses in the midwest like we did during the 1930s.

The magnet poles are shifting. Guess we'll have to change that song "Go north to Alaska". It will now be "Go north to Russia". Hope all the airport people remembered to reset their runway markers.


Randal Graves said...

At least we'll be able to sport those cool hats Brezhnev wore.

BBC said...

Why in the hell are we buying candy from Pakistan?

As I understand it, and I sure as hell don't, the shifting of the poles may confuse the birds and butterflies.

(somewhere in Texas)
"Opp's, this isn't Mexico."