Monday, February 14, 2011

Budget cuts

I always thought Obama was on the side of the middle class and the poor. How wrong I was. After giving a few scraps to the unemployed on that last big bill ( not to forget the giant tax cut for the wealthy) he presents a budget that basically puts all the burden on the poor and disabled. I know this for a fact. There are cuts to food stamps, cuts for heating to low income families and cuts to housing the poor. And you thought the republicans were bad? Barack has taken the republican agenda to a new level. Trying to out republican them are we? They meaning the republicans seem to think this is some type of game. By stealing from the poor to give to the rich will somehow make this country great. No what you'll have is what we just saw in Egypt only you must remember our Army personnel don't work a second job as they do there. It wouldn't surprise me if they started closing VA hospitals. How quickly they forgot the reason they passed an emergency bill to improve conditions at that VA hospital.
And you just watch as the stiff regulations on deepwater oil drilling are soon forgotten. No need for oversight when it would cost money to enforce.

Keep your eyes peeled on the federal funding for police and fire. Always a necessary thing until you actually have to pay for them. So keep slashing away at what you think are unnecessary budget items until you've ripped the very heart of this country and turned it into your very own little ATM. When food prices are high enough that only the well to do can afford it just remember what happened to Mr Mubarak and a few others like him. People will endure only so much before they demand change. The change that's now being offered is only help to the very wealthy. Trickle down I guess means the blood that's running down my chest from the knife you just stuck in it.

This is my love letter to those up there on Capital Hill who've lost sight of what it means to actually work for a living. To them I send a dead flower bouquet as a reminder of what they're doing to this country. Happy Valentine's Day? Forget it, you already ripped our hearts out and I don't mean that in a sentimental way.


MRMacrum said...

And I heard today the rumor that a possible middle class tax hike may be in our future, but no mention of a tax hike for the upper crusteceans to go along with it.

I am not sure who is more disillusioned, you or me.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad more folks are seeing through the O'Bama bullshit.

The glib son of a bitch sure has sold a bill of "goods".

I won't be voting for that bastard again.



Anonymous said...

And coming to a state near you:

an average patriot said...

I was sickened when I saw what he was cutting and the frigging Repugs are pissed because it is no where near enough yet they added a trillion to the debt to help the super wealthy. You know, I keep saying we are on our own.

When are people going to realize they don't matter? After Katrina and when that bridge collapsed in Minneapolis and all the other disasters we started hearing from the Feds that we better be prepared to help ourselves and help our neighbors because the Government cant do it.

They sure have not and in every instance if it wasn't for citizens coming to the rescue we would be screwed. Sadly I don't see most Americans as having the balls they were born with and they will just roll over and die.