Friday, February 4, 2011

Nothing up my sleeve

This is called the Bajimbi Bombay also called the "magician cat". The reason I bring up magic is that you'll want to turn your attention to congress and other news items as the worlds' attention is focused on the events in Egypt, the snow and cold in the east and cyclone in Australia. What better opportunity to sneak a bill through congress than when nobody's paying attention much like the slide of hand er paw from our friend here. You just know this feline is looking for trouble.

Not much news coming out of Cairo of late. The anti Mubarak group has taken a good beating of late with more clashes last night. Only difference is that not much of it made the news videos as that is now banned in the Square. The protesters must be getting fairly worn out by now as they move into day 10.
Reports came in yesterday that Obama was working with Egyptian officials to develop a plan for Mubaraks' exit. Only problem with that is that without removing the rest of the cabal then nothing can change. Much like changing the deck chairs on the Titanic. It also presents a power vacuum. No one really thought of the consequences if they get their wish and Mubarak and company leaves. Who steps up to the plate and fills the void when the country has experienced 30+ years of corruption? There is no written plan for progress or changes. Term limits might help but then what. What freedoms and changes do they really want?

Bank fails later
Update:Three banks hit the skids 2 in GA and 1 in IL
No major surprises to report so if they did slid in something under the radar they did a good job of it.
Most of the discussions in congress today were about Egypt. No bills passed that I could see. They are talking about changing the tax codes. The republicans want a value added tax which would in effect eliminate most of the tax for corporations while the rest of us would pay more. How predictable.


BBC said...

I call it magic, bullshit and gun smoke. And the house of mirrors.

Anyway, I'm not paying much attention to Egypt, it'll just have to shake itself out for a while and then I'll decide what effect it may have on my life, if any at all.

Meanwhile, I just take care of needed things on the home front.

BBC said...

Stuff is happening all over this rock that may or may not have a future effect on us. But all the power I have is to take care of the stuff close to home.

Randal Graves said...

I'm sure they'll suggest that intelligence/CIA buddy spook dude. A kinder, gentler tyrant hand.

Demeur said...

I try to keep my eyes open to what's going on in the world. If I didn't I wouldn't have survived our current economic shit storm.

For a year and a half leading up to the recession the talking heads on the financial channels kept saying how we wouldn't have a recession or if we did it wouldn't be bad. That's when I knew it was time to get ready for something really bad.

If you haven't already bought Egyptian cotton then it's too late. :-)

BBC said...

They make cotton in Egypt? Cool, I guess.

BBC said...

Being as I'm retired and know very well how to live decent on my income I'm more concerned about other things. Like how to keep on keeping on in a war zone or some other dire situation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's too late, Milo Minderbinder cornered the market on Egyption cotton years ago.

Tom Harper said...

Don't look now, but while you were writing about politics, that cat snuck over and ate everything off your plate.

Demeur said...

Good one Anon.

No the cat only eats cheezeburgers and I didn't have those today.

Demeur said...

Hey Billy turn your comments back on I'm sure Leslie's gone by now.

BBC said...

Leslie is still lurking, she said in an email that she wouldn't comment anymore but I can't trust any promise that crosses that bitches lips. She's broke them before.