Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Amazing this new media

I find this new media fascinating. At what other time in history could you talk to people face to face with someone else anywhere in the world in real time. Sometimes there a few second lag but it reminds me of the first satellite coverage we saw in the 1960s. Only now it's not limited to 90 minute segments. That was the window the satellite was in the right position to bounce the signal around the world. I'd like to say how this new technology works but with cell towers and wifi and hot spots I admit I'm clueless. Can't even figure out how the computer connects to the net other than a rudimentary understanding.

It's kind of funny watching the goings on of the different livestream broadcasts. Much like the CB craze of the 70s it's more a matter of process than product. When I think about it it's really far cheaper now than it was when I had a CB. Most rigs then cost over $100 which is quite a bit in todays' dollars. But as the beginnings of a new media it's an experiment of seeing what works. Much of the content ends up with folks being silly but every now and then some serious stuff is laid out before the worlds' eyes. Such was the case the last day or two. People in far off lands under extreme conditions are getting their message out. From what I saw I take this as an SOS to the world.

I give fair warning what they've captured and broadcast is graphic and sometimes quite violent. Viewer discretion advised.


Called Ugarit News English this loosely organized site is made up of young people trying to get the word out about what's really going on in Syria. But consider this. If they get caught they will be executed but not before they're tortured severely.


BBC said...

I fear that instant communication isn't going to make this a nicer planet. I seem to be pretty good at pissing some of these monkeys off.

My first CB handle was Camshaft. They're still semi popular out here in the boondocks. And a lot of boaters use them.

BBC said...

I'm not that happy with this tapioca pudding, think I'll try making my own next time.

Demeur said...

Not much happening over here either Billy. The parking lots are full during the day so that means people aren't even looking for work cause there isn't any.

Hey when are you going to open up comments? That wacko wench must be gone by now. And I miss Harry's snarky comments. He cracks me up.

As far as the tapioca goes yeah they don't make it like they used to. They're getting too cheap.

BBC said...

It's hard to get rid of that bitch. Yeah, Harry is alright, and fun to travel with, amusing mind.

Hugh G Rekshonn said...

I know when I'm being 'baited.

Masterbaited that is!

Good to hear see you too Mr DeMeur.


Demeur said...

Damn he nearly scared me to death with that avatar.

Randal Graves said...

10-4 good buddy. Tell Syria to watch out for the fuzz.

MRMacrum said...

This instant information age is definitely a two edged sword. That the various governments have not come to grips with it yet is to our benefit right now. But they will continue to try to keep the truth from coming through unfiltered. Just look at what China has accomplished.

The day I tore up 100 feet of Pennsylvania's finest guardrail when I jack knifed on some black ice, I changed my handle to "Guardrail". If for no other reason than to constantly remind myself that it only takes a second to end up in a ravine.

And Randal, I hope you realize what a "good buddy" is. A "Good Buddy" is a friend who goes to town, gets two blow jobs and then comes back and gives you one. Probably the most hated two words in the truckers lexicon back in the day. You call another trucker a good buddy and there might be violence.

Catch you folks on the backslide.

BBC said...

I didn't know Good Buddy was something like that. Driving for J.B. Hunt was a pain in the ass, they always called us J.B. Cunt.