Saturday, January 28, 2012

News you can't use and could probably care less about

As the clown car continues to empty out the two remaining finalists vow for the number one spot. Gad this so reminds me of a Monty Python sketch. Do you remember the one where the aristocratic idiots are in a contest to see if they can kill themselves? I'd post a link but I think John Cleese and the boys might have a few words with the RIAA. Since when did fringe become the norm and norm become the fringe? You will note that anyone in this campaign with even the remotest of sane ideas was cast out like a drunk at happy hour. Relegated to a dark corner if they kept quiet or seen quietly skulking out a side door far from the stage spot light. And now we have the main event with two contenders both wearing black masks. You know of whom I speak. Each the designated bad guy of a WWF wrestling match. How did that happen? Supposed to have at least one guy in white to represent the goodness of the audience. Not so with today's clown show. One representing greed while the other representing lust, moral values be damned. Either one would happily steal your lunch money or your girlfriend or both given a chance. Keep you eyes peeled on just how many voters show up to even cast a vote in this farce. I'll try and give you the percentages later once all the glitter has settled.

More news from Davos where that other group of trapped in a bubble billionaires are partying while Rome burns. Side note: how ironic that Italy is part of this economic meltdown. Fits my example perfectly.
Once again the fringe (er translate that = norm) show up to make their presents known and felt. God bless those fine young ladies from the Ukraine who have the courage to bring out the "naked" truth. Because as we all know there's only two ways to bring attention to a problem in this day and age and that's either sex or violence. While the powers that be desperately tried to keep the event out of main stream media our heroines stepped up to the challenge to "bare" witness to the economic inequities of the world.
"We came here to Switzerland to Davos to explain the position of all poor people of the world, to explain that we are poor because of these rich people who now sit in the building," said Inna Schewcenko.

You have to admit these gals are committed to giving all they've got even if it means giving the shirt off their backs literally.
Of course inside the conference it was a different story:
Budding bankers expecting the bumper bonuses of years gone by will have to think again, with only the top performers likely to be paid top dollar.
Only the creme de la creme will get to keep their blood money. This is like the usual game of Monopoly where only a select few reap the rewards. Once all the assets are owned by a single player only then is the game over. But this isn't a game. Real people will be cast out of their homes or worse die from lack of medical care if the system isn't fixed soon. What they fail to see is how much life runs by the sweat of the little people. Maybe it's time we showed them what happens when nobody shows up to do their dirty work. I know the day is coming when they'll hear those words "no soup for you!" We the little people do indeed own this world it's just a matter of taking possession of it.

Reading through the likes of NAFTA CAFTA and now CETA in Canada I see how the top 1% has managed to boil the frog. No need to speculate about a "New World Order" conspiracy theory it's already here. Neatly tucked away in these trade agreements are provisions that, to say the least, provide little benefit for the average guy just trying to make a living. Imagine if your boss came up to you one day and told you you're taking a 50% pay cut because the top brass a world away said that's the way it's going to be from now on. We saw the effects of NAFTA when the jobs went first south of the border then to China. My question to the 1% then is who are you going to sell to when you have effectively bankrupted your consumer base? Just what are you going to do about the sludge you created that shows up on the beach at your vacation home? Keep flaunting laws and logic and soon it will bite you in the ass. Hoisted by ones own petard I believe is the expression.


BBC said...

You know, there's millions of us that don't pay much attention, or little, to politics and we still get along just fine.

I just returned from an interesting trip and politics didn't come up in any of my talks with others.

S.W. Anderson said...

Have to hand it to the young ladies there for putting it on the line for the cause. However, seeing them so underdressed with snow all around is disturbing. Makes me feel cold just to look at the photo.

Regarding the clown show, I( hope that by the time one of the clowns emerges victorious, people will be so sick of him and his spiel they won't want anything to do with him.

The Blog Fodder said...

BBC, you can do that because others do your "dirty" work for you. Take your fine independence from the system to Ethiopia or Somalia and see how well you do.

You need to read up on Tsarist Russia. The Aristocracy or gentry were 1.5% of the population. The peasants or serfs 84%. The Aristocracy didn't make their money by selling things to people, they made their money by taking most of the production of the serfs and leaving them with just barely enough to live on.

BBC said...

Blog Fodder, I'd do okay anywhere I went, if you think you are going to change anything you're just full of crap.

BBC said...

But hey, vote for the next idiot of your choice, I will. :-)

harry said...

You're beginning to sound like a dogdammned dirty fucking hippie loving Saul Alinsky RADICAL.

Bless you.

harry said...
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BBC said...

I have better things to do than watch a bunch of fucking clowns debate.

Demeur said...

I pay little attention to the clown circus but do watch what congress is trying to do and I'll tell you it isn't pretty. Remember the process of boiling the frog. You just may wake up some day and find yourself with no income or pot to pee in.

BBC said...

Don't need a pot to pee in, if my retirement money goes away I'll start a nice little black market business, it doesn't take much to keep me rolling along.

Randal Graves said...

I'm voting for the dead parrot.